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This image of an unknown teenager singing in a DP Camp (where they held Holocaust survivors for a while) is just so beautiful.There’s something so special about seeing an image of so many survivors in one picture, smiling, and with this girl in the center looking absolutely joyous.Read more about this special rabbi in this obituary in the New York Times.This once in a lifetime image depicts Holocaust survivors at the moment of realizing they are liberated.This is actually a cleaned up version of a photo posted by u/FTZ on Reddit.It depicts his grandfather, recently liberated from the Holocaust, aiming a gun at a Nazi soldier.This photo has made the rounds after the recent passing of Rabbi Herschel Schachter, depicted leading this Shabbat service shortly after the liberation of Buchenwald.There is something beyond moving about this image that shows the prisoners, still in their garb, still in their prison, but liberated and celebrating the most important day of the week.

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These were the only refugees to be sheltered by the United States throughout the war.If you look carefully, you can see just how packed this room is.This image is of a man in the Jewish Brigade, a segment of the British Army that fought the Germans in Italy in 1944. Taken in Buchenwald just after its liberation by the photographer Margaret Bourke-White, this image is so powerful not just because it shows the pure joy of liberation, but because it turns these men who we have almost turned into mythic creatures into normal folks.Aleksander Kulisiewicz, a Holocaust survivor, composed 54 songs while he was in a concentration camp, and performed them for fellow inmates in secret gatherings.He later went on to perform these songs in the 60’s.

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