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Teachers remark that one aspect that makes our program unique is how comfortable the students are in asking questions and interacting with the presenters.

We receive very high ratings from both teachers and students.

The program is strongly focused on community collaboration.

Whether it’s an informal conversation at a coffee shop or in a more traditional setting at Calgary Counselling Centre.

The Take Charge Program aims to help teens navigate pressing questions regarding sex, relationships, and dating.

Our hope is that through education, dialogue, and asking the right questions, our teens will be better able to discern between healthy and unhealthy perspectives and behaviors. Information focuses on the prevention of unplanned pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and the importance of healthy relationships.

All presentations take place with the teacher present in the classroom.

The Male Domestic Abuse Outreach Program is funded by Alberta Children’s Services.The information presented is gender neutral and relevant to all students, regardless of their personal beliefs or sexual orientation.We are non-judgmental and unbiased in our delivery of information which is appreciated by both teachers and students and evidenced by the evaluations taken after every class.Marcus Cheung, MSW, Registered Social Worker Male Domestic Abuse Outreach Program Coordinator Phone: 403-691-5964 Cell: 403.651.8075 E: [email protected]’s Outreach Poster Marcus is available for community presentations to help educate and inform our community on domestic abuse towards men. WATCH: A Calgary mother is struggling to hold onto the one thing that's helping her to cope with mental illness.

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