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It spread several feet into a nearby storm drain before emergency crews could respond, although Colleyville police spokesman Raymon Canon said the acid in the drain had been contained and “posed no immediate threat to public health.”Fourteen nearby agencies responded and were helping a haz-mat team soak up the spill.

Business to the east of the spill were initially evacuated as officials worried high winds could send dangerous fumes their way — which is no longer a concern, Canon said.

The DSN concentrated nitric acid plant produced approximately 20% of the nitric acid manufactured at the El Dorado Facility.

The Company intends to replace the nitric acid production capacity lost by this event.

At this time it is not known when the El Dorado Facility will produce 98% concentrated nitric acid.

-- DSN concentrated nitric acid plant -- It is unlikely that repair of this plant is feasible.

A police spokesman said he had no idea why the owner of a storage facility in the 1800 block of Industrial Boulevard needed 275 gallons of the highly caustic chemical.

Nor did he know how the container spilled in an open garage about p.m.

"Upon checking the trailer, I noticed there was a leak in the middle and the acid had spilt onto the tyres.

When nitric acid is available from one or all of the three "regular" nitric acid plants, the El Dorado Facility will resume production of low-density AN.

Low-density AN is used primarily for industrial / mining applications.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

A trailer driver helped prevent a disaster when he noticed that the sulphuric acid he was transporting had leaked onto the middle tyres of the vehicle. Saravana Kumar, 32, said he had earlier felt a dryness in his throat.

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