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Aside from the Choco Cake Slice, Red Ribbon also offers other cake slices in various flavors.Among these is the Red Ribbon Chiffon Cake Slice, which has the perfect combination of mocha and vanilla chiffon layered with yummy butter crème filling; the Red Ribbon Mocha Marble Cake Slice, made with mocha chiffon swirled with chocolate and butter crème; the Red Ribbon Choco Marble Cake Slice, made with mouthwatering chocolate-and-white chiffon; and the Red Ribbon Double Dutch Cake Slice, a chocolate-and-vanilla chiffon cake loaded with sweet and soft marshmallows and decadent chocolate chips.Red Ribbon, one of the most loved Filipino bakeshop chains, makes it possible to turn even the most ordinary moments celebratory with its Choco Cake Slice.The Red Ribbon Choco Cake Slice is made of two layers of moist chocolate chiffon with fudgy chocolate filling for that perfect burst of chocolatey goodness.“Our parents being flexible with our staff development needs and early outs, our staff working hard to do what is best for kids, our school board making decisions that support quality education, and our local businesses supporting our work all influence student success and achievement. This award provides an opportunity to celebrate together and be proud together.” The award was presented to King Elementary by the Minnesota Elementary School Principals’ Association (MESPA).

“Being recognized like this is really a recognition of the community,” said Deer River Schools Superintendent Matt Grose.These yummy treats are available in all Red Ribbon stores nationwide for only P24 per slice or P99 for every five-piece bundle pack.“With Red Ribbon Choco Cake Slice and our other cake slice offerings, we ensure that even your simplest moments with your family and friends will be much sweeter and more memorable,” Bandojo said.“We know the most important factor in a child’s student achievement is the teacher in front of the child.King School is dedicated to supporting staff in order to allow them to grow professionally in an effort to reach every child,” Galatz added.

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