Errors in carbon 14 dating

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I show that he misinterpreted his own conversion experience as a meeting with his own glorious destiny, when in reality, it was nothing more than an ultimatum to stop the persecution of the Messianic believers.

Because of what Paul believed concerning his destiny, he naturally became conceited and continually tried to upstage the very apostles who had spent over three years with Yeshua.

This is the teaching that God has made Christianity the new true Israel.

Anti-Semitism so saturated the pews of both Catholic and Protestant churches throughout history it could be argued the holocaust itself could not have occurred had it not been for the general 'who cares' attitude of Christians toward the Jews. What I present as the truth of the gospel of Yeshua is nothing new.

I saw numerous answers to prayer as I continued to struggle for better understanding.

For the most part, I now attribute these ' to one or both of two things.

People tend to see themselves as either good or evil, and therefore deserving either all of heaven or all of hell.

In my book, I show how after his conversion experience, Paul continued to be in severe error in his understanding of God and Yeshua's teachings and mission.

I also show how he continually abused the Hebrew Scriptures to help sell his faulty doctrines.

It is Pauline doctrine that is the source of most of the problem in Christianity.

Paul's understanding of God was shared by many of the leading first century Hellenistic Pharisees, and much of modern Rabbinic Judaism fondly traces its roots back to this same sect.

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