Helmet dating

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This theory does not correspond with the fact that only one helmet has been found in Norwegian and Scandinavian Viking burial mounds.Could the answer be that the Vikings to a very small extent used iron helmets because they simply were too heavy?Among the objects which date back to the 900s, there was a Viking helmet.71 years after the finds, the Gjermundbu helmet is still very special.The Vikings were known to be extremely mobile and deadly warriors, both at sea and land.Would iron helmets stand in the way of their war strategy – and did they use a lot lighter and more flexible leather helmets?

Norwegian archaeologists have put forward the theory that helmets were only reserved for the upper social strata of society, including the King’s , meaning those who were guarding the King and trained in the use of weapons – in addition to those who crossed the sea and “went out on Viking”.

Read More Frankly, I'm surprized that ANY old iron or steel turns up.

The stuff was very hard to make and too valuable not to re-cycle. Try looking at the barrels of Napoleonic muskets or the tires of 18th century wagons.

For now, the answer to this question remains uncertain.

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