Justin bruening dating

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Will April and Jackson talk about this in the finale? She started dating the world's most wonderful guy, who is on the same page as her about their life goals, beliefs and who they are.There's so many things that fit with Matthew; he's been sweet to her this whole time.The network produced a TV movie in 2008, which served as the pilot for the eventual rebooted series.The series — which featured Val Kilmer voicing of the sentient car KITT and Justin Bruening as the son of Hasselhoff’s character — lasted only 17 episodes.Plus you can't really say no in a flash mob situation, can you?() Not only is it epically romantic but you have a billion people looking at you!It comes two episodes after sparks continued to fly between the friends and former couple, who, had Matthew not returned for a second chance at love with April, could very well have been on the path to a romantic reunion.caught up with Drew to get the scoop on the surprise proposal, what's next and how Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) tryst with Lauren (Hilarie Burton) will impact everyone now that the super storm has hit the hospital.

Sarah Drew: I knew in advance; [director] Tony Phelan told me it was coming and I was really excited.

STORY: ' Grey's Anatomy's' Shonda Rhimes Previews ' Emotional Death' in Season 9 Finale THR: Why does April say yes so quickly?

It seemed like she was just flirting with Jackson again.

She has made the choice that Matthew is her guy and if she has some confusion and draw back, it will smack her in the face without her realizing it.

There will be some confusion for sure, but it's not something she expects.

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