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My college professor friends tell me about some of their Latina students who deal with unplanned pregnancies because they have no access to contraception, come from traditional Latino families where female sexuality is not discussed, and have boyfriends who do not bother to wear condoms as a sign of their entitlement.

Many Latina women's health organizations have praised President Obama for his measure to provide more accessible and affordable contraception.

Yet, within societies where the ideological structure has historically justified the submission and policing of women and their bodies, the threat of a thinking, doing, and dare I say fornicating-for-pleasure woman is too much to bear.

Sandra Fluke merely spoke of the difficulty she and other women students at Georgetown University face when trying to get access to contraception and immediately she was slandered by a man, who decided to make and publicize a moral judgment about her.

The kind of back arching, toe curling sex that is non-missionary and non-procreative. I realize that by my admission of such sexual behavior, I am perhaps feeding into the stereotype of the hypersexual Latina, the ravenous, curvaceous she-wolf that cannot get enough of phallic pleasure and seeks to conquer men with a sly glance, a swerve of the hip, and the promise of a happy ending.

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What kind of value system has consumer capitalism created that allows for such images to circulate while politicians attempt to silence women's desires, choices, and self-expression?

I refuse to use his name or the words he called her because the more we put into discourse these outdated understandings of women's sexual behaviors and the ignorant pundits who circulate them, the more we detract from productive conversations we , which examines the history of human sexuality and argues that we are not as monogamous as religion, culture, or even science would have us believe.

I am also interested in The Desire Project, a website dedicated to women expressing what they want.

They shared a few steamy scenes, but fans are ready to see more.

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