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No doubt this event had rekindled the enthusiasm of the people; and to comply with the popular demand, Esdras brought the Book of the Law.

On the first day of the seventh month (Tishri), a great meeting was held "in the street that was before the watergate", for the purpose of reading the Law.

Finally, the Law of God and the law of the king were alike to be enforced by severe penalties.

Nevertheless he is known rather as "the scribe" than as " priest ": he was "a ready scribe [a scribe skilled] in the law of Moses ", and therefore especially qualified for the task to which he was destined among his people. Kent in America, to do away with the numberless difficulties arising from the interpretation of the main sources of this history, maintain that Nehemias's mission preceded that of Esdras.

Standing on a platform, Esdras read the book aloud "from the morning until midday".

At hearing the words of the Law, which they had so much transgressed, the congregation broke forth into lamentations unsuited to the holiness of the day; Nehemias therefore adjourned the assembly.

A group of apocryphal writings is also much concerned with him, but they can hardly be relied upon, as they relate rather the legendary tales of a later age.

Esdras was of priestly descent and belonged to the line of Sardoc ( Ezra 7:1-5 ).

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