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The first time I saw Joe speak was a few years ago at a conference in San Diego. He shows that even the crappiest little downtowns well outperform the traditional power centers we’ve all come to loathe (or love? It’s starting to get city leaders thinking differently about the kinds of developments they are approving and how they are essentially throwing tax money away by not investing more in their urban cores.

I get all geeked out when talking about the economics of walkability, so when I saw that Joe was giving a presentation on the topic, I had to go. Mitchell Silver (yeah you planners probably know him) spoke before Joe and said what you will hear today is revolutionary. I don’t want to say too much because I like surprising people. You all went crazy when I shared his write up in Forbes a few months ago.

And over 1,800 folks within the city limits of Columbus alone have joined the Facebook page. Now it was time to find a walkable venue in Columbus.

(I guess I really wanted to see my Ohio friends that day 😉 ) I just had a hunch from watching the posts on Facebook that folks in Columbus were going to be really interested. According to Facebook, my posts announcing the Columbus conference were viewed over 250,000 times. By count today, over 1,300 joined the conference email launch list.At the same, I was kicking around an idea in my brain I’ve had for a long time: I really wanted to host a walkability conference.Some of you have been following Walkable Neighborhoods since 2005, and I thought a conference would be a great way to connect and learn from each other and people that have been doing this for a long time.On top of this, we’re going to do some incredible tours and bring in some of the top experts in placemaking and walkability.Best of all, most, if not all of the workshops will be included as part of the registration fee!!

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