No sex campaign

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Before you read any further, you should know two things about me: one, I love nothing more than developments in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey; and two, I have no life.

So naturally, when I got home, I cracked open a beer, downloaded the app, and started going through it (see points one and two).

There is no room in this world for hatred, bias, discrimination or violence for ! NO MATTER what the adults in your life believe, get to know others who are different from you and make your own opinions about them.

By living in a judgment free world, you can be the leaders of today and tomorrow and pave the way for harmony and civility.

In 2012, she represented two women who wanted to adopt children — a case that first toppled the state's ban and then became part of a U. Supreme Court fight that legalized same-sex marriage across the United States. Nessel's announcement came more than a month before a string of sexual assault accusations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein broke into the news, initiating a chain of disturbing revelations that have now spread from Hollywood into political circles, and cast new light on stories that were swept under the rug in decades past.

“And frankly, had I not used that word, would you be calling me right now?

“This is THE single most astonishing political ad I have ever seen,” wrote political analyst Jeff Greenfield on Twitter, where the video spread virally.

The AV Club called it “the most savage political ad of the year,” and the Daily Dot saw it as a demonstration of “how pathetically low the bar is for men in office.” Come Thursday, Nessel was prepping for an MSNBC interview and fielding questions from fans who had previously not known she existed: Answered Nessel: “Oh, this is real.” Nessel came to fame in Michigan after leaving the prosecutor's office, working as a private lawyer for same-sex couples in a state that banned same-sex marriage at the time.

Moreover, she said, political analysts kept warning her that if she won her party's nomination next year, Democrats might be stuck fielding women in all three races for governor, secretary of state and attorney general — posts now held by Republican men.

“Since the day I filed, all I've heard is that the Democrats can't have an all-female ticket,” she said.

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