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Painters of the period used the open mouth as a “convenient metaphor for obscenity, greed, or some other kind of endemic corruption,” he wrote: Most teeth and open mouths in art belonged to dirty old men, misers, drunks, whores, gypsies, people undergoing experiences of religious ecstasy, dwarves, lunatics, monsters, ghost, the possessed, the damned, and—all together now—tax collectors, many of whom had gaps and holes where healthy teeth once were. Talbot, one of the early proponents of X-Rays in dentistry, argued that malocclusion—misalignment of the teeth—was hereditary and that people who suffered from it were “neurotics, idiots, degenerates, or lunatics.”In the 20th century, tooth decay was finally tamed through advancements in microbiology, which established connections between cavities and diets heavy in sugar and processed flour. S., as orthodontics advanced and tooth extraction became less common, a proud open-mouthed smile became the cultural norm.(Nude pictures, probs.)Stating how many times a week you work out: Don't care.Telling me that you're looking to try new things and dating out of your race is one of them. Too many sneaker pics: Like, you could have fixed your teeth with all that money you spent on kicks.Photographers: No, I do not want to come over and look at 68 pictures of a tree you found. Let's also not forget braces get caught in everything.I am just not at a place in my life where I am willing to justify those scars.

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