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My lips stopped creating the natural barrier and lubricant that is on a normal persons lips, because I kept using external products everyday.

So, based on some research I have done, this is the answer to the why-and-how, on the cellular level, peeling lips continue to occur (for those of you knowledge seekers, remember this is all my opinion–I welcome other ideas as well in the comment section below).“Skin cells normally are constantly being formed deep beneath the surface of the skin. Same thing here except the lips don’t have the ability to scab since they are a mucous membrane (what looks like a scab in my pictures is actually just dried skin cells that are still connected to the underlying tissue and if removed also take the living tissue with it even if it doesn’t hurt).

Please feel free to share it with your friends, as getting people to know about this condition is the first step before actually showing someone you have it. I wanted to start with some background information about myself. As time went on and I got older into my teen years I started using it religiously several times a day.

When I was young my lips would become dry very easily, especially during the winter time, and they would crack and bleed. My lips never peeled and looked perfectly normal–I just needed chapstick all of the time.

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Or maybe you don’t even know what this site is about.There are a lot of people dealing with what I’m about to discuss, and they painfully hide it each and everyday–spinning on an endless carousel.As my story begins, the past couple years no one had known that anything was wrong with me, except for a few of my closest friends who even still knew little about the magnitude of my condition.And what is EVERY SINGLE person struggling with peeling lips doing day and night? Then taking the tarp off and begin to drive it thinking it’s fixed. Don’t let the embarrassment of being in front of other people while your healing yourself make you live like this forever, a few months of embarrassment is nothing, and I promise you people will forget you ever had it. Remember the cell cycle from birth to death is over a month, and we are going to need several cycles to completely rebuild what we’ve removed over the past several years, so I’m not promising quick results, I’m promising the result.But it will mean several months of unattractive lips.

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