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Let's revisit the main issues that Brad and others have been talking about: 1.

People Identity: Each one of us participates in multiple networks, but we want to be identified as the same person in all of them. He calls for having a way to map IDs onto each other, via Node Equivalence: "Given a single node, say "brad on Live Journal", return all equivalent nodes: "brad" on Live Journal, "bradfitz" on Vox, and 4caa1d6f6203d21705a00a7aca86203e82a9cf7a (my FOAF mbox_sha1sum)." 2.

Mike and I work at Microsoft, Mike and I are IM buddies, Mike and I live in Washington state, etc).All without either of you re-inviting/re-adding each other on dopplr...just because you two already declared your relationship publicly somewhere else.Graphs consists of nodes and edges, or things and the ways that things relate to each other.As it turns out, Graphs are very powerful modeling tools for modeling natural and man-made systems.

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