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Sie sei nicht zu seinem Geburtstag erschienen, obwohl er sich das sehnlichst gewünscht hätte.Auch Weihnachten werden die beiden wohl nicht zusammen verbringen. "Grundsätzlich werde ich zu meinem Beziehungsstatus nichts sagen", erklärt er seinen Fans. In the following I will demonstrate that the knowledge and understanding of the first-century Christians -- many of whom personally knew and were directly taught by the historical man Jesus -- was totally different and even in conflict with the thinking and beliefs of modern Christians.But, the vast majority of people will demonstrate the wisdom of Winston Churchill when he emphatically stated: .

While we imagine ourselves to be the most technologically advanced and enlightened society that has ever existed, we remain blind to the chains that shackle modern man which can be portrayed in the reality of a simple Gospel proclamation in the words: .

While it is true that we have split and harnessed the atom -- overcome the forces of gravity and traveled to the moon -- and we have made countless technological advances -- it remains true that because we know virtually nothing about our True Self and our Higher Soul-Reality, we remain prisoners in our own self-imposed cocoon of ignorance from which we have yet to emerge.

And if we pose the question as to why this statement of dwelling in abject poverty is applicable to what many would say is the great body of knowledge that is taught in our institutions of learning today?

It is important to recognize that when Clement wrote the above in his Epistle to a congregation of Christians in the first century, he did so in the expectation that they would understand the great truths he was presenting.

That the Kingdom, or End Times, would and could only come when And the fact that this statement that is in the Gospel of Thomas and was contained in a first century Epistle from an elder to a congregation of believers in that time-frame, could not be contained and understood in a letter or epistle to a congregation today, is merely one example of the fact that the dogma and thinking of the modern Church has virtually nothing in common with the original teachings of Jesus known as The Way.

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