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A fourth boy sits in the water letting the waves wash over his body.

Sunshine permeates this charming portrait by Candida Ferreira. Shouting with excitement children race across the sand launching colorful kites.

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Finding food cooking and eating are daily aspects of our culture artist Indira Castellon explains. Teodoro Reque Liza creates a visual poem to the sunset painting this calming composition in the realist style to depict a golden sun-kissed seaside.Working in watercolor Godwin Atta Geoman depicts a sunny hamlet on the outskirts of Cape Coast.Cozy thatched-roof shades cluster beneath rustling palms where townspeople come and go.Along the beach road of Cape Coast pot sellers inhabit these shelters and they also sell vegetables and other foodstuffs the artist muses.A woman stretches out on the beach for a moment of much-deserved rest.

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