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Thinking of running some CCW wheels, 9.5" front 11.5" rear. I am currently running 18x10.5 all round and have Yokohama AD08R - 255/35/18 front and 265/35/18 rears.

Since these wheels are custom, and I can get any offset, what should I aim for? I feel that the rears need a little more as well as the front.

Iv tried 265 on the front and they are fine but need a little more.

Anyone ever tried to stick a 315x35r17 on a 17x12" rim under the ass of one of these rocket bunny kits and a 17x10 with 275x40r17's or a 17x9.5 w/ 265x40 or 275x40's in the front w/ a 1" drop?

But those Brits were crafty, so the series showed the floating beast lit up from below by spotlights.

And then it was shot down, probably by airplanes, though that was not entirely clear in the pictures. Had he made money off the images by releasing post cards? Harris showed us some provenance work she’d done, when other such images came on the market. But I must say, whenever I spend quality time, I see them as scholars and historians.

Everybody seems to have a different setup, so it doesnt make it any easier haha.

Was thinking of 275 front and 285 rears, has anyone done this?

Which only guaranteed that things would go to Hell as quickly as possible. It seemed like an early version of a drone, where superior technology enabled one side to pummel another from a safe distance.

Thanks I don't even want to admit what i'm riding on at the moment, but they arn't working out for me- BC or almost anything would ride better.

I hear stance has better valves, but I do not want to slam my car.

If he’d been commissioned, like Rubens, and supplied with a message beforehand, I would have said yes. As the resident photographer in the room, I suggested toning. She’s also a photography curator, and was working on the new Josef Koudelka exhibition that has since opened.

I’d seen a heap of hand-colored Russian images at FOAM in 2013, and they look very different. She’d spent the better part of six years on the project, which was meant to be the first major, complete retrospective of the artist’s career.

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