Telecom liquidating

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TORONTO — Sears Canada could begin a full liquidation of the business as soon as Oct.19 as the clock runs down on an offer from executive chairman Brandon Stranzl.System Liquidators will sell and buy Refurbished IT Equipment and Used Telephone System equipment from and for enterprise companies and small businesses.Our distribution process and availability of high-quality office equipment products and services is unsurpassed by any other provider of surplus voice and data equipment. System Liquidators buys all types of IT equipment of all major manufactures including complete Computer Systems and Networks, Circuit Boards, Routers, Switches, SAN, Power Supply Units and more. We buy and carry all major telecom systems and phone system parts.

Owner is liquidating all of his equipment due to health conditions. A proposal to sell the Viking trademark to Canadian Tire was adjourned on Wednesday, as another party has emerged to claim a right of first refusal for the trademark, court heard.Hainey also extended Sears’ court-approved protection from its creditors until Nov. Until the issue is resolved, Ursel requested that no further default payments be made to the DIP lenders without a court order.“We are spending money on the default that could otherwise (go to creditors and stakeholders),” Ursel said.

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