Who is actress cheryl hines dating

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The amount of time that Larry was going to spend in that disguise was always limited.() When writing it, we had that same thought Larry had on the show: "Well, there’s only one person on the planet that could really help him, and that’s Salman Rushdie." Then, you had to approach him.His scenes, because he was so fearless and comfortable playing himself, came out a million times better than we could have ever expected.

By the end of the show, the fatwa is still there and it’s going to continue to permeate his life through the season, but at least now he’s a little more excited about the benefits and cares less about the consequences.

He is like the version of himself that he was playing: He’s not going to live in fear. Larry was telling Salman when we were shooting, "Look, you can’t say anything about this, we want to keep it a secret so no one knows until the show airs.” I said, “Larry, I think he’s probably pretty good at keeping secrets.” I didn’t even know he was going on Seth Meyers.

Sure, there are people still after him, but he’s still going to appear in TV shows, he’s still going to tear Larry’s wig off. Looking back, Rushdie played it well during his TV visit with Seth Meyers. But we tried very hard because we wanted the audience to enjoy that surprise, when Larry says, “There’s only one man who can help me,” and then there’s the big gate, the butler and the parlor doors slide open and there he is.

The This Is Us actor looked handsome in a burgundy blazer with matching trousers, adding a white button up, a black tie and David Yurman watch.

Wife Chrishell flaunted her cleavage in a fitted white satin gown with a draped hemline.

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