Who is tucker max dating dating men with vasectomies

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Then he will be evasive so that you will be forced to dump him and he can get off scot-free.

-When you get upset about this, he will tell you that you are over-emotional.

Billed as an exhaustive guide to dating, its lengthy footnotes section and reliance on academic research make it a far cry from Max's days of hoping there's Bud Light in Hades.

I caught Max mid-Uber ride on the tail end of a busy day of meetings.

He's been running his own company, Book In A Box, which guides novice writers through the book writing process, for the past several years.

He hadn't set out to write a dating guide until a conversation with co-author and evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller made him realize that, at a time when dating is as hard as it's ever been, nobody had ever sat guys down and simply said, "Hey idiot.

-He will scream at you because you don't like the instant coffee he bought you.

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When you then ask him to read your own novel he will drop it after chapter one because it's a waste of his time. -You will give him the greatest head of his life on a regular basis. -He will make sure you know that you aren't very hot, only sort of cute, and that your head is too big for the rest of your body.

You will spend day night waiting on him hand and foot, making sure he is comfortable and well cared for. Later he will tell you that it was all unnecessary. -When he is supposed to pick you up and take you to a party, he will get black-out drunk and fuck some girl instead of showing up.

-He will tell you he loves you and wants to have children with you.

"The idea that you would read a story about me taking a breathalyzer to a bar and getting violently drunk to impress a bunch of people I didn't know as a guide to how to pick up women, it's preposterous," he said.

So promoting this book is not the apology tour that a lot of people want to see him make.

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